Warning: Driving Kills

So let’s imagine branding for cars is outlawed. Flashy logos or bright colours are banned. Go-faster stripes (which might encourage young would-be drivers) are, of course, out of the question. “Extra Strength” diesel models are sold only in unattractive mould green packaging. Bumper stickers with official warnings (“Air pollution kills more Americans than breast and […]

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The Swiss Apprentice: You’re Hired

“Exceptional” is how the World Intellectual Property Organisation has described Switzerland’s record in the area of innovation. You can find more about the Swiss ranking here. The correlation between the quality of the workforce and economic performance is persuasive, particularly with regard to the apprenticeship system. The photo above shows the Stadler workshop in Bussnang, […]

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The Bitter Taste of Climate Change

Is industrial agriculture really to blame for around half of all greenhouse gas emissions? A 2013 UNCTAD report suggests that if the whole chain is included (from land-use and deforestation to processing, packaging, transport and sale of agricultural products) we’re looking at the sector being to blame for between 47 to 53 per cent of […]

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